Mather Consulting Ltd.

Consultant Engineers
26 Glencairn Cresent
EH12 5BT

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IndependEnt M&E Services Advisor

Mather Consulting Ltd. has been created to offer an individually tailored Independent Building Services Client Advisor role which will add value to projects before, during and after the delivery phase.

The role is designed to provide impartial, responsive, flexible, and tailored advice at any stage or part of the project by very experienced personnel in a manner which suits the client.

M&E Installations can represent up to 40% of a typical project capital cost and up to 10% of its annual running costs in energy consumption and maintenance, so it is important to maximise any engineering investment with the appropriate technical and cost advice at the correct stage of the Project. An Independent Engineering Advisor can assist with this process.

Given the emergence of larger and larger Consulting Practices a more personal and hands on advice service may be beneficial.

Clients who do not have in–house M&E advice may benefit along with other members of the design team by utilising Mather Consulting Ltd. to provide comfort and added value which the Independent Client Advisor role can bring on an as needed basis.


Footnote: The transparency of the jellyfish allows visible investigation of the complex systems which work togethe to allow it to function - it has many similarities to the creation and operation of buildings.